Batik Shirt Bledak Style L02
Batik.Click Men Batik Shirt size L type 02Batik Shirt Bledak Style L02Batik Shirt Bledak Style L02

Batik Shirt Bledak L02

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Men batik shirt made from original 100% hand drawn batik with flower spread and phoenix, trademark of Lasem, bledak style.

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Product Description

Original 100% hand drawn batik (batik tulis) short sleeve for men with combination of flower spread (sekar jagad) and phoenix (burung hong) motif, trademark of Lasem batik.

Sekar Jagad motif name came from Sekar which means blossom and Jagad means world/universe. This motif could means to bring cherish (thus it calls blossom) all around the world.

Burung hong is Chinese phoenix bird. Phoenix and dragon usually can be found in Chinese dynasty represent power and elegant

This white batik style is called bledak.

Since batik is wax resist dyeing process, this style is very difficult to make as it consumes a lot of wax (malam) and requires extra care to avoid breaking off the wax layer that resist the dye.

High quality bledak batik have minimum “spill” of dye to the base white colour.

This white and purple colour combination create good subtle contrast suitable for formal or regular setting.

This shirt is made from high quality cotton, makes it very comfortable to use, especially in hot and humid weather.

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Additional Information

Weight 300 g



1 Colour



Batik Origin



Phoenix, Sekar Jagad

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