Batik Sheet Lasem Phoenix R08
Batik Sheet Lasem Phoenix R08Batik Sheet Lasem Phoenix R08

Batik Sheet Phoenix R08

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Hand drawn batik sheet with 3 dye colour and combination of phoenix and latohan motif.

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Product Description

Hand drawn batik sheet with combination phoenix (burung hong) and latohan motif from Lasem (Java, Indonesia).

This batik show the assimilation of local (latohan) and Chinese culture (phoenix) into a batik piece.

Phoenix bird is a belief in Chinese legend, a symbol of eternity. The phoenix will burn itself to ashes and rise again to begin a new start.

This batik goes through 3 dye process with highly detail motif that requires a very skilful batik artist.

This batik sheet is suitable for woman wrapped around the body to show the beauty of the phoenix and detail latohan as backround

Visit our Batik 101 page to learn more about batik.

Additional Information

Weight 360 g



3 Colour



Batik Origin



240 x 104 cm

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