Batik Sheet Birds in the Forest R06
Batik Sheet Birds in the Forest R06Batik Sheet Birds in the Forest R06Batik Sheet Birds in the Forest R06

Batik Sheet Birds in the Forest R06

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Beautifully designed and carefully handcrafted batik with birds in the forest motif with pebble background. A masterpiece of Indonesia batik art!

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Product Description

This batik sheet is one of the masterpieces by our batik artist. Original 100% hand drawn batik.

Unlike other fabric, batik sheet motifs have a philosophy inspired by the surroundings or local traditions.

This batik sheet is inspired from the beautiful nature of Indonesia where birds are happily flying around enjoying it’s freedom and the beauty of the forest.

This batik is made in higher width to height ratio measuring 270 x 91 cm (normal batik sheet is around 230 x 100 cm) as the local call it selendang style batik.

The beauty and amazing quality of this batik is not only shown by the main motif (birds in the forest) but also level of difficulty of it’s process.

The pebble like background behind the main motif is called watu pecah, where each rounded white space is created by manually blocking the dye using wax. Every single detail is done BY HAND! Just like an artist drawn on canvas, but instead of using paint and brush, batik artist use dye, canting and wax.

The difficulty doesn’t stop there, this batik use 3 dye process. Which means the batik sheet need to be block and unblock multiple times to get the desired colour on it’s place as the artist imagined.

This batik sheet is absolutely great for display on your home/office/gallery where beautiful art is highly appreciated.


Additional Information

Weight 360 g



3 Colour



Batik Origin


Batik Style



270 x 91 cm

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