How to keep your precious batik products in good condition?


Wash Separately!

Original batik products will have some wax and dye residue. Please wash separately, at least for few rounds until the colour bleed wears off


Do not bleach

Bleach will wears off the dye colour badly, especially with natural colouring agent like indigo batik.


Do not dry clean

Dry clean chemicals doesn’t play well with batik dye agent. Please use mild soap to preserve the colour.


Hand wash in warm water

Warm water will help to dissolve the dye and wax residue more quickly as wax will dissolve with heat.


Line dry

After wash, hang to dry the batik and avoid direct sunlight to preserve the colour


Iron with medium heat

Use only medium heat to iron your batik product. Preferably add a layer on top of the batik fabric and avoid direct contact

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