Shopping Experience

What payment method do you accept?

Currently we accept Paypal and all major Credit Cards

How secure is my payment?

Your payment security is our top priority. None of your payment details stored/processed in our server.

Batik Click engage Stripe and verified with Paypal, world class payment processing company that offers protection to both buyer and seller in case of a dispute.

How do I know my shopping transaction is secure?

We practice multi layer security both online and offline.

  1. We use SSL to encrypt communication between your computer and our server.
  2. We engage with Paypal and Stripe for payment processing, world class payment processing company. None of your payment details stored in our server.
  3. We engage with Singapore post, Singapore leading delivery services. Each item we send is trackable. In the event of missing package, we will absorb the cost.

Order Processing

How do I check my order status?

You can check your default shipping, billing, and order status under your account page.

You can also initiate cancel request before the order is packed for delivery.

What does your order status meaning?
  • Pending payment – Order received (unpaid)
  • Failed – Payment failed or was declined (unpaid). Note that this status may not show immediately and instead show as pending until verified (i.e., PayPal).
  • Processing – Payment received and stock has been reduced- the order is awaiting fulfilment
  • Packed – Packed for delivery/on the way to courier
  • Shipped – Package has been sent to courier and tracking info generated
  • Completed – Order fulfilled and complete – requires no further action
  • On-Hold – Awaiting payment – stock is reduced, but you need to confirm payment
  • Cancel Request – Customer have request for order cancellation. Cancel request can only initiated before the order is packed
  • Cancelled – Order has been cancelled
  • Refunded – Refunded by an admin
When will I receive my order?

Please allow us 1-2 business day to prepare your order for delivery, after that the time will be based on the courier delivery schedule.

  • Singapore: 2-3 days
  • Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth): 4-6 days
  • Brunei Darussalam (Bandar Seri Begawan): 4-6 days
  • Canada (Vancouver):  6-9 days
  • China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai): 6-8 days
  • France (Paris): 5-7 days
  • Germany (Frankfurt): 5-7 days
  • Hong Kong: 3-5 days
  • India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata): 5-8 days
  • Indonesia (Jakarta, Batam): 5-8 days
  • Italy (Rome): 7-9 days
  • Japan (Tokyo, Osaka): 3-5 days
  • Malaysia (Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu): 4-6 days
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam): 4-6 days
  • New Zealand (Auckland): 4-6 days
  • Philippines (Manila): 6-8 days
  • South Africa (Johannesburg): 5-7 days
  • Sweden (Stockholm): 4-6 days
  • Switzerland (Zurich): 4-6 days
  • Taiwan (Taipei): 4-6 days
  • Thailand (Bangkok): 4-6 days
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai): 5-8 days
  • United Kingdom (London): 4-6 days
  • USA (San Francisco, New York, Honolulu): 6-8 days
  • Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh): 5-8 days
  • Other Destinations in Asia Pacific: 5-10 days
  • Other Destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Americas: 6-12 days


Why the fabric feels stiff/rough?

Batik is wax resist dyeing process.

Our hand drawn batik is using original batik process method and it has thin layer of wax residue which cause the stiffness.

The wax residue will worn off after several wash.

As the wax residue diminished the fabric become softer and the colour is enhanced.

Why the colour looks different than the display?

There are uncontrolled variables for our side that affecting what you see on the screen eg: your LCD quality, lighting, etc.

We are using DSLR with flash light bounced to the ceiling and low ISO to capture the image we use on the web. No enhancement made to the image colour. The colour is as good right of the camera.

I like the product but I'd like another size/exchange. How do I get one?

For hand drawn batik, it’s as unique as your signature. There’s one and only.

We serialise our batik by type, size, and model. We can offer you alternative product for exchange but it’s will never be exact copy as it’s not a mass produce product.

Feel free to contact us through email/social media channel and we’ll help to guide you through our product options.

Return and Refund

How do I return the product?

You can request for return within 7 days since you receive our product.

Please drop email to or use our contact form to reach us with your return reason.

We will reach you back to request for more info and review your request.

You can return to us once it’s approved. Please check our terms and condition page for eligibility details

15% restocking fee applied for returned product

How do I get refund?

We will refund you once product has been inspected.

Please allow 1-3 business days to process your refund. Refund will be send back through paypal

15% restocking fee applied for returned products.

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