Welcome to Batik.Click!

We love batik, and we feel that Indonesian batik is truly under appreciated, undervalued, and lack of exposure outside of Indonesia.

We want to spread this love for Indonesian batik and aim for global market recognition of Indonesia heritage art.

How we do it?



Not many people really know about batik.

We educate people so they can love and appreciate the value true batik art.

Easy Access

We try to make online shopping as pleasing as possible. People can easily get our batik anytime, anywhere, and any device.

Worldwide Shipping

Aligned to our vision to spread the love for batik across the globe, we ship our batik worldwide.


High Quality

We carefully select and bring only high quality hand drawn batik to our worldwide customers.

Do you have physical store?

We are based in Singapore where store rental and labor cost is very high. So we decide to make it as online exclusive batik shop.

If you’re staying/located in Singapore, feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting and see our batik in person.

A little last words….

Here's a little secret

A little unbelievable and may sound a bit crazy…At first, the founder of Batik.Click doesn’t like batik!

The love for batik came when people get the original hand drawn batik, understand how it was made, and value the history behind it.

We truly hope and believe that you will love our batik as much as we do.

And a little tips from us…


Beware of fake batik

Batik is not about motif, it’s about process.

Printing batik motifs on a fabric doesn’t deserve to get called batik. It has no difference with mass produce clothes.


Know how

Let’s get you started!

Visit our batik 101 page to understand what batik is and how it is made

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